Organising prize contests with receipts has never been so easy!

Organise a completely digital prize competition, playing with cash receipts


3 PM

CEO, Board Member and Co-Founder at Scratch&Screen

Thanks to the exclusive Scratch&Screen competition platform, your prize competition with receipts can be fully digitised.

During the webinar, we will explain the advantages of a fully digitised receipt reading process: both for the consumer and the retailer who will be able to exploit the value of the “analytical navigation” of the collected receipts. Finally, we will present our success stories.

Do you want to know how?

Join our webinar and in half an hour we’ll tell you!
Customers such as the Iccrea Cooperative Banking Group and the largest shopping centres in Italy have already done so.

During the webinar, we will present success stories, showing how the Scratch&Screen platform allows you to fully digitise a contest using tax receipts:

  • Competition period and type of prizes
  • Budget to promote the competition
  • You can configure your promotion by choosing the “receipt” parameters that will allow you to access the game, such as:
    • the presence of a particular product
    • the numerousness
    • receipt information
    • the chain or even the single point of sale
  • The system will prevent any attempt to double play the same receipt which, once played, will be “destroyed”.
  • You will be able to assign victories in real-time
  • You will be able to configure rankings that allow you to identify the consumers who have played the most receipts, in real-time and showing them their position in the rankings
  • Digitise the prize delivery and the collection of releases
  • Configure mechanics and rewards based on the chosen parameters of the receipt
  • Stop scams
  • You will have all the receipts available to do all the real-time analyses you want on each content of the receipt
  • You can check in real-time the results achieved by the competition
  • With total respect for privacy and the new GDPR regulation


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