Online prize competitions with 200% returns!

Organise your competitions with ease both for you and the consumer!


10 am or 2:30 pm

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CEO, Board Member and Co-Founder at Scratch&Screen

With Scratch&Screen’s exclusive game system, your prize competition can achieve results previously unimaginable!

You can significantly reduce times and costs using simple digital tools.
Participating in your competition will be simple and immediate. Your customers will join the most popular initiative and will be invited to take part in each new competition that you organise. All, of course, compliant with regulations and GDPR.

Do you want to know how?

Join our webinar and in half an hour we’ll tell you!
Customers such as the Iccrea Cooperative Banking Group and the largest shopping centres in Italy have already done so.

During the webinar, we will show you how the Scratch&Screen platform and its analytics can help you choose:

  • How to take advantage of “demo” mode, which provides you with a version of the contest to test in a few minutes
  • How to switch from “demo” mode to “production” mode
  • How to use analytics by setting the competition objectives and target to choose:
    • the right engagement
    • the perfect communication
    • the best gamification
    • the graphic appearance of the game site
    • the email and sms messages
    • the digital prize management mode
  • Which fields should contain the registration form by number and type
  • How to measure results in real-time and correct the campaign if necessary
  • How to customise the contest internet domain
  • How to fully respect privacy and the new GDPR regulation


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